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Rooibos Tea Collection

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Skimmelberg Organic Rooibos Tea gift pack is a quality collection of Rooibos teas with many soothing benefits for the body and mind.

Rooibos is naturally caffeine free and therefore suitable for children, infants and breast-feeding mothers. Rooibos tea is a beloved pantry staple across the globe, but its roots are firmly planted in South Africa. A cup of this spectacular brew tastes beautiful, and boasts a long list of health benefits!

Product Information

1 x 40g Rooibos
1 x 40g Rooibos with Buchu
1 x 40g Rooibos with Ginger
1 x 40g Rooibos for Babies

Naturally free of caffeine, colourants, and preservatives
Certified Organic by CERES GmbH


Product of South Africa



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