Everything Buchu

Buchu was introduced to early colonists by Khoi pastoralists as a herbal remedy. It soon made its appearance in Europe, where it was officially listed as a medicine in the British Pharmacopoeia in 1821. From there it found its way to the United States, whereby the mid-nineteenth century it had become a popular medicine for the treatment of urinary ailments. Not all shipments reached its shores, however, with several bales of buchu leaf having been listed on the cargo manifest of the RMS Titanic on its final voyage. 

Buchu is one of the most important herbal medicines emanating from South Africa. Today it is used worldwide in various forms for the treatment of ailments such as cystitis, prostatitis, and arthritis, the treatment of bruises, and as a natural diuretic.

Its essential oil has also achieved international usage in the flavor and fragrance industries. It is widely used as a natural flavor enhancer in foods and beverages with a blackcurrant flavor. It is also a commonly used ingredient in perfumery.

Health Benefits of Buchu

    • Antiseptic & Anti-Fungal
    • Anti-inflammatory & Antibacterial
    • Caffeine-free
    • Sugar-free
    • Lowers blood pressure (Assists with Hypertension)
    • Lowers blood sugar (Assists with Diabetes)
    • Natural diuretic 
    • Assists with joint pains including Rheumatism / Arthritis / Gout
    • Assists with Urinary Tract/Bladder/Prostate infections
    • Helps with Kidney disorders
    • Can assist with Eczema and Skin disorders
    • Relieves itching from allergy reactions and insect bites
    • Natural insect repellent
    • Can assists with Asthma
    • Promotes Cardiovascular Function
    • Powerful Antioxidant
    • Natural Antihistamine
    • Natural antiviral
    • Anti-Aging
    • Contains Bioflavonoid


Agathosma Betulina

Round-leaf Buchu, a member of the citrus family of plants (Rutaceae), is endemic to mountain slopes in the Cederberg Region of the Western Cape. Just as Rooibos, it forms part of Fynbos, the natural vegetation of the Cape Floral Kingdom.  

Cape Floral Kingdom is part of the UNESCO World Heritage

It represents less than 0.5% of the area of Africa but is home to nearly 20% of the continent's flora. The outstanding diversity, density, and endemism of the flora are among the highest worldwide... The Cape Floral Region has been identified as one of the world's 35 biodiversity hotspots.

The Buchu plant is an evergreen aromatic shrub up to 2m high, with oval leaves 10 - 20 mm long, and white to pink flowers. Fruits are five-segmented capsules that split open when dry to release the small black seeds.