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Organic Wild Harvest Buchu Tea

Organic Wild Harvest Buchu Tea

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Experience the exquisite taste of our limited edition Wild Harvest Buchu, meticulously sourced from its natural habitat in the enchanting Cederberg mountains. Buchu, known scientifically as Agothosma Betulina, is a native species found in the Western Cape of South Africa. With its minty, blackcurrant flavor and abundant natural oils, this exceptional herb is truly a treasure.

Our 40g pack contains Wild Buchu, carefully harvested to ensure its sustainability and authenticity. Naturally free from caffeine, colorants, and preservatives, this tea allows you to enjoy the pure essence of Buchu's unique characteristics. Rest assured, our product is Certified Organic by CERES GmbH, guaranteeing its organic cultivation and quality.

Sourced directly from the Republic of South Africa, our limited edition Wild Harvest Buchu is more than just a tea. It's a sip of nature's untamed beauty and a tribute to the heritage of the Cederberg mountains.

Embrace the remarkable flavors and wellness benefits of our Wild Harvest Buchu. Let its minty freshness and captivating aroma transport you to the heart of South Africa's natural wonders.


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