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Ricky Litchfield

Infla-Active Capsules for Dogs with Buchu Oil

Infla-Active Capsules for Dogs with Buchu Oil

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Introducing our miracle-working formula, carefully crafted to get your old pals up and wagging! Our supplement gives your senior dogs the boost they need to keep on moving and shaking. It eases their aches, making their golden years full of joy and tail wags, while nurturing their hip and joint health. Puppies too can benefit from it, keeping their growing bones healthy and strong.

Feeling down post-surgery? Say no more! Our special blend soothes their discomfort, aiding them back to their playful selves. Best of all, it's a formula they can stick with, day in and day out, without any pesky side effects.

Omega 3-rich? Check. Not having to time it around meals? Double-check!

And it's not just for their insides! This magic pill works on the outside too. In harmony with your dog's favorite skin products, it helps manage bothersome skin conditions like eczema and allergies. This special blend is brimming with natural goodies - antioxidants, vitamins, and the powerful properties of bioflavonoids. And don't worry, it plays well with other medications.

The rundown:

- 90 Capsules
- Packed with Fish Oil (rich in Omega 3) and Buchu Oil

Give your four-legged friend the gift of comfort and vitality they deserve. Invest in a happy, healthier pup today!


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