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Ricky Litchfield

Dog Treats with Buchu & Rooibos

Dog Treats with Buchu & Rooibos

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Presenting our deliciously wholesome Dog Treats with Buchu and Rooibos – the perfect blend of health and happiness in every bite for your furry friend.

These aren't just any ordinary treats. Imagine a sugar-free biscuit filled with the goodness of organic Buchu and Green Rooibos, locally sourced from the flourishing soils of South Africa.

Buchu is a wonder herb for your dog's well-being. It supports excellent hip, joint, and bone health, ensuring your four-legged companion remains active and full of life. Not just that, Buchu also aids in maintaining a healthy digestive system, keeping those troublesome tummy issues at bay.

Then we have Green Rooibos, a superhero ingredient packed with antioxidants that promote longevity and overall wellness.

Each 400g package is a treasure chest of nourishing ingredients, including wheat and whole wheat flour, wheat bran, oats, corn flour, and animal protein. We've also added a touch of plant fats, nature identical flavours, and a teeth-cleaning agent. After all, who doesn't love a pup with a shiny, healthy smile?

Give your best friend a treat they will love, packed with the nutrients they need. Our Dog Treats with Buchu and Rooibos aren't just treats; they're a commitment to your dog's health and happiness. Because your good dog deserves nothing but the best!


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