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Detox Tea | Buchu with Ginger

Detox Tea | Buchu with Ginger

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Say hello to our Buchu and Ginger Detox Tea, a delightful blend aimed at boosting your health and wellness journey. This isn't just tea; it's your path to rejuvenation with a zing.

Buchu is a natural powerhouse. It's a diuretic, flushing out harmful toxins from your body and aiding your kidneys. Buchu is also your gut's best friend, providing relief from indigestion issues like constipation and bloating. But there's more - it's a proven natural anti-inflammatory.

Our Buchu and Ginger tea is more than a comforting cuppa. It's brimming with antioxidants and bioflavonoids, all packed with polyphenols. This health-boosting combination is known to reduce the risk of developing cancer, making every sip a step towards better health.

Buchu isn't just for daytime wellness; it can also help those struggling with insomnia. Caffeine-free, it's a wonderful night-time choice, and it's even known to reduce stomach spasms and colic in infants.

Every 50g package is a fusion of organic Buchu and revitalising Ginger, sourced with care from the Republic of South Africa.

Why not infuse your detox routine with a touch of spice? Our Buchu and Ginger Detox Tea isn't just a drink; it's a wellness journey wrapped in a mug. Let's toast to a healthier you!


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