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Detox Tea | Buchu with Cinnamon

Detox Tea | Buchu with Cinnamon

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Introducing our Buchu and Cinnamon Detox Tea, a unique blend offering a robust route to rejuvenation. This isn't your average cup of tea; it's a wellness expedition wrapped in a warming brew.

The magic begins with Buchu, a natural diuretic renowned for flushing out harmful toxins through the kidneys. But that's not all. Buchu also soothes digestion issues like constipation and bloating and is a proven natural anti-inflammatory.

What's more, this dynamic tea is laden with a wealth of antioxidants and bioflavonoids, all supercharged with polyphenols. This potent mix is known for its power in reducing the risk of developing cancer, making each sip a stride towards healthier living.

Troubled by insomnia or know a little one with stomach spasms and colic? Our Buchu and Cinnamon tea comes to the rescue, providing relief without the caffeine jitters. It's a soothing beverage perfect for any time of the day or night.

Every 50g package boasts a beautiful blend of organic Buchu, Green Rooibos, and a hint of warming Cinnamon, all responsibly sourced from the Republic of South Africa.

So, why not spice up your detox routine with our Buchu and Cinnamon Detox Tea? It's more than a cup of tea; it's a wellness journey, one soothing sip at a time. Here's to a healthier you!


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