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Derm-Active Cream With Buchu & Lemongrass

Derm-Active Cream With Buchu & Lemongrass

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Introducing our Derm-Active Cream with Buchu Oil, a lavish yet non-greasy moisturising cream designed to pamper your skin. This isn't just a cream, it's a daily dose of skin luxury that keeps you glowing all day.

Our cream works like a magic potion for dry skin, softening it while locking in essential moisture. The result? A naturally radiant skin that’s soft to the touch and just as lovely to behold.

And there's more! Enriched with Quercetin, our cream boasts phenomenal anti-ageing properties, helping you flaunt your skin with confidence. Add to that the Buchu extract, a natural powerhouse with anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Together, they make our cream a true skin saviour.

Pair it with our Buchulife First Aid Gel for effective management of eczema. Gentle enough for the soft skin of infants and children, this cream is your family's companion to healthy, happy skin.

Our 150ml pot of skin delight is a blend of the finest ingredients, all working in harmony for your skin. From Shea butter and Olive fruit oil to nourishing Rosehip seed oil and the refreshing touch of Lemongrass leaf oil, every ingredient is chosen for its skin-loving properties.

Crafted in the heart of the Republic of South Africa, our Derm-Active Cream with Buchu Oil is an embodiment of nature's finest. Treat your skin to a daily dose of luxury. Because glowing skin is always in!


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