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Ricky Litchfield

Complete Care Wipes for Dogs with Buchu Oil

Complete Care Wipes for Dogs with Buchu Oil

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Say hello to our individually wrapped antibacterial wipes, your handy heroes for skincare, grooming, and first aid. They're not just wipes, they're your personal hygiene guard ready to take on the day.

These pocket-sized wonders do more than just clean. They're perfect for treating bites, stings, and scratches, offering soothing relief while sanitising to fend off infections. Have a furry friend with dirty paws or itchy skin? These wipes are a game-changer, maintaining hygiene while promoting healing.

But it doesn't stop there. These wipes are your secret weapon for grooming too. They gently handle tear discharge in the eyes and keep those ears clean, making them a great companion for both people and pets.

Every wipe is soaked in a blend of skin-friendly ingredients. We've combined deionized water with glycerin and Buchu oil for gentle yet effective cleaning. Plus, our formula is mild enough for the most sensitive of skins, ensuring everyone can enjoy the benefits.

Included in the pack are 10 individual sachets, each one ready to come to your rescue. Whether you're at home or on the go, you'll never be without a way to keep clean and healthy.

Born in the vibrant Republic of South Africa, our antibacterial wipes embody the spirit of hygiene and wellness. So, why not arm yourself with the best? Your hygiene kit isn't complete without our antibacterial wipes. Be ready for anything with just a pull and a swipe!


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