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Buchu & Tea Tree Oil Soap

Buchu & Tea Tree Oil Soap

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Introducing our Buchu and Tea Tree Oil Glycerine Soap, a natural wonder, handcrafted from the finest plant-based ingredients. This soap doesn't just clean – it’s a detoxifying powerhouse for your skin.

Just like a skin superhero, it dives in to absorb toxins, wipe away impurities and kick acne to the curb. It’s not only effective, but it’s also hypo-allergenic, making it a perfect fit for all skin types.

Each 110g bar is a bouquet of nature's best ingredients. We've got plant oils to nourish, a touch of cane sugar for a sweet note, and our plant-based glycerine that makes it soft and gentle on your skin. And don’t forget the colorants that make each soap a treat to the eyes.

The magic in this soap, though, is in the Buchu and Tea Tree oil. These skin-loving ingredients turn every wash into a revitalizing experience, leaving your skin feeling renewed and fresh.

Made with love in the vibrant Republic of South Africa, our Buchu and Tea Tree Oil Glycerine soap encapsulates the essence of its beautiful homeland. With every wash, you're not just getting clean, but you're also unlocking your skin's natural radiance. Give your skincare routine a natural boost!


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