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Buchu & Mint Soap

Buchu & Mint Soap

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Discover the healing power of nature with our Buchu & Mint Glycerine Soap, an artisanal blend brimming with plant-based goodness. Each bar of this handmade marvel is designed to soothe your skin and spirit alike.

Our soap delivers an array of calming benefits, transforming your bath into a haven of tranquility. It's the perfect aid for those minor insect bites and that unexpected sunburn, thanks to its gentle, healing touch. But that's not all! The serene scent of mint serves as a lullaby, guiding you towards a deep and restful sleep.

Each 110g bar of our Buchu & Mint soap is crafted with an assortment of skin-loving ingredients. We've combined a blend of gentle lather enhancers and plant oils to make your skin feel pampered and refreshed. We've also tossed in some cane sugar for a little sweet note, and of course, our all-important plant-based glycerine and water to ensure it glides smoothly on your skin.

And let's not forget our colorants, perfectly safe and chosen to make each soap bar a visual delight! Every ingredient harmonizes to create this skin-soothing symphony.

Embracing the vibrant spirit of the Republic of South Africa, our Buchu & Mint Glycerine soap captures the essence of its sunny homeland. Indulge in a luxurious bathing experience that leaves you feeling healed, soothed, and ready for a dreamy sleep. Turn bath time into bliss time!


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