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Buchu Lip Balm

Buchu Lip Balm

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Pucker up for our everyday Buchu Lip Balm - your trusty companion for lips that feel as good as they look. This isn't just any lip balm, it's a comforting, healing, and moisturising treat for your pout.

Crafted from nature's best, our lip balm harnesses the soothing power of beeswax, blended with the deep hydration of coconut and jojoba oils. To top it off, we've added Shea butter, known for its intense moisturising properties, ensuring your lips are soft, smooth, and irresistibly kissable.

But what makes our lip balm truly special is the addition of Buchu. This wonder herb adds a healing touch to the mix, making our balm a delightful remedy for your lips.

Handmade in the stunning Republic of South Africa, our Buchu Lip Balm captures the natural beauty and resilience of its homeland. So, why not give your lips the care they deserve? One swipe of our Buchu Lip Balm, and your lips will thank you! Smooches!



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