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Buchu & Honey Soap

Buchu & Honey Soap

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Step into a world of natural indulgence with our Buchu and Honey Glycerine Soap, a luscious blend handcrafted from premium plant-based ingredients. It's more than a soap, it's a daily detox ritual for your skin.

Our soap not only cleanses but acts as a skin's superhero, sponging up toxins and clearing out impurities for a complexion that feels as good as it looks. Got acne? No worries. This soap is your loyal partner in banishing those blemishes for good.

The best part? This gem of a soap is hypo-allergenic. That means everyone, even those with sensitive skin, can enjoy its benefits worry-free.

Each 110g bar of our Buchu and Honey soap is chock-full of nourishing goodness. We've brought together a blend of plant oils, sugar derived from cane for a sweet twist, and our plant-based glycerine that gives it a smooth and gentle feel. Let's not forget the safe colorants that make each bar an eye-pleasing treat!

And the secret ingredient? The Buchu oil. This little wonder adds a rejuvenating touch, making every wash a revitalizing experience.

Crafted with pride in the sunny Republic of South Africa, our Buchu and Honey Glycerine soap embodies the vibrant spirit of its homeland. With each use, you're not just washing away the grime, you're awakening your skin's natural glow. So go ahead, add some sweetness to your skincare routine!


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