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Buchu & Charcoal Soap

Buchu & Charcoal Soap

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Meet our Buchu and Charcoal Glycerine Soap - a natural masterpiece crafted from Earth's purest plant-based ingredients. This isn't just any soap, it's your skin's new best friend, ready to draw out the day's impurities and soak up any nasties that can lead to pesky spots.

All skin types can rejoice as this soap is hypo-allergenic, meaning it's gentle enough for everyone. Our 110g Buchu & Charcoal soap brings together a blend of nature's best. It's got all the good stuff - plant oils that give your skin the pampering it deserves, and a gentle lather agent derived from coconuts. Plus, we've added cane sugar for a sweet twist, and water to make it glide over your skin smoothly.

The true stars of this soap are the Buchu oil and Activated Charcoal. Buchu oil, sourced from a magical herb, is known to be a powerhouse for skin health. Then there's the Activated Charcoal, a tried-and-true ingredient celebrated for its purifying properties. It’s like a detox spa treatment in the comfort of your own bathroom.

And, did we mention? Each soap bar is lovingly made in the sunny Republic of South Africa, harnessing the vibrant energy of its origins. So why not transform your everyday cleanse into an exotic escape? With our Buchu and Charcoal soap, a radiant, fresh, and clear skin is just a wash away. Dive in!


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